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NSF, FDA, USP CL VI Products

Niantic has put together a complete line of High Purity performance products. Niantic sales engineers can assist you in designing High Purity and Ultra Pure sealing solutions to be compliant with FDA and USP Class VI and NSF standards. Typical applications are Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Cosmetic, Medical and Semiconductor.


  • Closure Seals on Plastic Devices
  • Diaphragms and Bellows
  • Door Seals
  • Sanitary Gaskets
  • Container Seals
  • Sterilizer Gaskets
  • Stoppers
  • Syringe Tips
  • Vial Cap Seals
  • Medical Grade Tubing
  • Flexible Silicone Hose Assemblies
  • Platinum Cured FDA Approved Silicone Hoses
  • Aseptic FittingsCrimped Assemblies
  • Food/Pharm Expansion Joints
  • Ferrules
  • Tees
  • Caps
  • Male & Female Bevel Seat
  • Tri-Clamps®
  • Tri-Clamp® Elbows

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