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With over 47 years of experience working with high-performance, tight-tolerance sealing applications Niantic serves a variety of industries.

Defense & Homeland Security

Niantic has designed solutions for critical applications such as specialty seals for Chemical detection monitors, EMI Gasketing for Ruggedized military field communications, and conductive coatings for weapon guidance systems. Niantic is ITAR compliant and can comply with military specification # MIL-I-45208A.


When a lighting company faced a problem with a new commercial light designed for harsh environments, they turned to Niantic. The new light’s design required an electronic component be shielded with a customized conductive seal. This mandated the use of both a conductive seal and a non-conductive seal together.


The Telecommunications Industry is constantly changing with new platforms being designed and tested before the previous iteration has gone to market. The industry demands smaller, faster components with increased storage capacity. This creates a new set of sealing challenges for EMI/RFI Shielding, thermal management and environmental gasket applications. Our sales engineers will meet with you to determine the best integrated solution for your particular needs.

Electronics & Semiconductor

The semiconductor manufacturing process is a harsh environment and seals need to withstand highly corrosive liquids, gases and plasmas, at extreme temperatures or in a vacuum. Niantic has worked closely with this Industry to solve critical sealing applications. Whether in wet or dry processes, we can design specific geometries in a wide range of elastomers.

Medical & Pharmaceutical

Niantic sales engineers can assist you in designing High Purity and Ultra Pure sealing solutions to be compliant to FDA, USP Class VI and NSF standards for critical components and processes. Whether you require high solvent resistant seals, EMI shielding or simply a rubber stopper, we can provide cost effective solutions.

Aerospace & Aircraft

Niantic provides a broad range of sealing solutions for aerospace/aircraft applications. Our products include O-rings, fabricated gaskets and custom hose assemblies. We provide the highest performing and most cost-effective solution. Our engineers design and fabricate products to exactly fit your application need, our engineered solutions not only meet but exceed your highest expectations.

Power & Alternative Energy

Niantic offers a wide range of material choices from the world’s premier manufacturers paired with our precision in-house fabrication.

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Niantic has developed an extensive product offering through partnerships with industry leading manufacturers. With extensive experience in the industry, count on us to meet your needs while improving your facility’s operation and efficiency.

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